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If doing it yourself seems like a daunting task then you may want to search for a dealer or contractor on our Dealer Locator. These professionals all have the experience and expertise to install your QuietCool proficiently

How to Install QuietCool

How to Install QuietCool (Spanish Translation)

Read Some Whole House Fan Reviews

The best whole house fan depends on your personal needs. There are specialty fans, classic fans, energy saver fans, ultra-quiet fans and more. Whole house fans get rave reviews from consumers.

Janelle Baker says, “I wasn’t a <>believer until I went to my neighbor’s house and saw how great QuietCool system worked. They took the time and showed me how the system works and gave me tips on how to use it. I got my first bill and compared it to last year’s bill and I saved almost 50% off my bill. My family absolutely loves it. This is one of the best investments I have made in my home.”

Cynnamon Simonson says, “I found a local dealer in my area on the QC Manufacturing website and they took great care of me. Today, my house stays cool at a minimal cost compared to using the A/C and it’s all because of the QuietCool whole house fan ventilation system!”
“My wife used to smoke, but kicked the habit,” says Stephen. “These ventilation fans keep the house really nice and cool – even when it’s boiling hot outside – and they also replace the air inside the house every few minutes or so. As a result, I’m able to enjoy my occasional cigarette in the comfort of my study without anyone else in the house being bothered by it.”

The QuietCool fan ventilation system provides these homeowners a way to cool their home in the easiest and most energy efficient way possible. The reviews speak for themselves!

These are just a few testimonials we have received. Check out our reviews on various sites such as Amazon and Home Depot.

QuietCool has 98% customer satisfaction with homeowners.

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